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Lunch Box from Rachele
Break from Erica
Tequila is down the road of Monterrey…  Thanks from Mexico
From Los Angeles, California
From Hollywood – USA

Italytiamo Art Design

This page contains our followers’ photos and thoughts, whether they had the chance to meet us in Venice or had their Italytiamo Art Design objects traveling with them. Feel free to send us a few lines or your photos from around the world which remind you of Venice or of Italy. We will be thrilled to post them here!

“I had three occasions to visit Venice, the first time I was 10 years old and don t remember anything else than a gondola and a blowing glass-maker…the second time was last year where I spent most of the day walking through the crowd without actually seeing much more than the touristic areas…no wonder, Venice should be visited with someone who brings you in its heart and explain its story, it will lead you to a dimension where every corner of it hides a surprising moment where great emotions will take place for an unforgettable day: outstanding churches with their paintings, a bookstore where books are stored in gondolas in case of flooding, cheap hidden bars (yes cheap is possible even in Venice), a gondola maker spot with its hot strong half naked guys polishing their crafts, walks along the water where you wonder where are the thousands of tourist, even hidden spots where you lay in the sun in peace…where just the singing of a gondola drivers passing by will make you slowly coming out of a nap…at late afternoon the sun goes down, the colors change, you sit on boat sipping a glass of wine watching the orange sun reflecting on the canals… and you remember how beautiful was your day…that was my third and highly recommended experience with Alessandra from Italytiamo.com (another beauty)…her enthusiasm for something she loves will be shared and in case of a cloudy day she will be your sun, her smile…

ps: while visiting it’s asked to switch off the phones not to be disturbed by other feelings that drive you away from where you are and with who you are 😉

Xavier from Belgium

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Marleen from the Netherlands

“In the movies, or on TV people say that they would like to go to Venice once in their life. I live about 25 kms away from Venice, and I only go there once or twice a year, not enough! And I don’t know enough places… italytiamo.com is a precious guide, because the locations they talk about are very nice, far from crowded touristy places… The idea of indicating GPS coordinate is very practical, especially for lazy tourists…”

Mattia, Venice area

Sweet Good Morning
Sweet Good morning! Thank you Claudia from Italy
An American coffee, please!
An American coffee, please! Thank you Karen, Oxnard – California
From Texas!
Italy testimonials in New Delhi - India
Look carefully!! Italy testimonials in New Delhi – India
Italy in Miami
Italy ❤ the USA
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