Summer Tea for Two ☕️

Hey there!
Today we feel like having a nice cup of summer-tea. We are sharing it with Annie, an 18-year-old Italian tea-lover (that’s how she likes to define herself) and blogger at with a passion for photography, books, traveling, cooking and, of course, tea.

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Proteggiti da un’esplosione pestilenziale

ALERT: plague explosion 😉

Why have we posted a welder wearing a safety mask today? Is it connected to Venice? Yes, but why?

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To take part a Kiss is enough

Venti4giugno, Kiss me Venice

On June 24th, the artistic group “lineacurvilinea” will honor Venice with an art performance. Each of you attending the event will be an artist and a spectator at the same time. With a simple kiss you will show your love to the city of Venice and will contribute to let the work of art take shape.

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