Proteggiti da un’esplosione pestilenziale

ALERT: plague explosion 😉

Why have we posted a welder wearing a safety mask today? Is it connected to Venice? Yes, but why?

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The seduction of beauty in the supermarket

Everybody has been to a supermarket in their life, probably with a shopping list, a shopping cart, a bag and lots of brain confusion which has to align with the perfection of the products cleverly organised on the shelves. Continue reading “The seduction of beauty in the supermarket”

L’officina delle Anime Nere: can you repair my black soul, please?

After an appetizer, we promised the first course. “Waiter, I’ll have the gondola spaghetti, please!”

Today’s dish is about how and where gondolas are made. Ingredients: 350 kilograms of different types of wood, some iron, some brass, 11 meters of black polish, 250 different little parts. Work on it for 8 months, garnish with fabrics and there it is, your entirely hand-made gondola. Best before a 20-year time. 

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