Italian Summer Fashion

It sometimes happens that you fall asleep under your beach umbrella and start dreaming, doesn’t it? It might be this Italian summer heat, we are not sure, however, we’ve pictured our creative ideas on the covers of some fashion magazines…

 it flag leggi sotto anche la versione italiana

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To take part a Kiss is enough

Venti4giugno, Kiss me Venice

On June 24th, the artistic group “lineacurvilinea” will honor Venice with an art performance. Each of you attending the event will be an artist and a spectator at the same time. With a simple kiss you will show your love to the city of Venice and will contribute to let the work of art take shape.

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I passi del Pensiero, di Carla Menon, Cartolina d’Autore per Venezia.

Carla Menon’s footsteps of thoughts, an Author Postcard to Venice.

The ever-changing skies reflecting on waters and glasses and the million colors from all over the world passing by let Venice see kaleidoscopic shades every day. With the call of seagulls by the rivas, the gondoliers’ notes along the canals, vendors from the Rialto market shouting, local people’s dialect and foreign people’s tuned mix of hundreds of languages, Venice hears every note in and out the musical staff.

Venice is a silent spectator.

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