From Venice hidden gems

Hey! Today in Venice follow the J-Hello flower smell and the J-Hello signs

International Women’s Day! Auguri a tutte le Donne! Venezia is a labyrinth, alleys (calli, plural for calle) and narrower alleys (callette, plural for calletta), little squares called campos, even more little squares (campiellos). Just one street (Via Garibaldi), just one Piazza (St. Mark’s Square). Even place names can be confusing at times, especially for those who don’t…

Il potere tra le colonne rosa

A curiosity about St. Mark’s Square in Venice? In the past, pink was a symbol of death!
Look at the white colonnade of the Doge’s Palace carefully: there are two pink column which stand out. Between these two pink columns the Doge used to look at ceremonies and shows in the square but also it seems that it was exactly from here that he proclaimed death sentences.

Gipsy eyes – Con gli occhi Gitani

This year we are going to post some photographs under the title “Gipsy eyes – Con gli occhi Gitani”. We are going to show details of Venetian life which we are going to get almost clandestinely from here and there in the calles.