The seduction of beauty in the supermarket

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Hey! Today in Venice follow the J-Hello flower smell and the J-Hello signs

International Women’s Day! Auguri a tutte le Donne!

Venezia is a labyrinth, alleys (calli, plural for calle) and narrower alleys (callette, plural for calletta), little squares called campos, even more little squares (campiellos). Just one street (Via Garibaldi), just one Piazza (St. Mark’s Square). Even place names can be confusing at times, especially for those who don’t speak Italian or better, the Venetian language. Finding your accommodation, a restaurant, a bar or any sight might be as intriguing as a treasure hunt!

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Il potere tra le colonne rosa

“Rosa”… in Italian it is rose, but also a name for a woman, it also means pink, which is the color we normally associate to girls, it is the name of a music band… in Venice a red rose is also given by a man to his loved one on St. Mark’s Day, April 25th. Pink is used for stuccos too.

In the past in Venice the color pink was a symbol of power and authority.

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