From January, 2018

What to do on a high-speed train from Venice to Rome

Some tips about what to do on a high-speed train from Venice to Rome, including some ideas on Italian tourist destinations on the way to reach the Italian capital city. Journey time approximately 3 hours and a half.


Sei troppo gracile per soffiare

You are too delicate to blow “The story of someone who captured the wind and held its scent”   Versione Italiana sotto ↓ When a vision turns into a beautiful story, where a breath takes shape, the heat starts to smell, the glass can speak. An extract from a chapter of “Il cuore appeso”, Monica Bianchetti‘s latest novel:…

Almost a 50mm lens

Everybody knows about the analogy between a photographic camera and our eyes.  Versione Italiana sotto ↓ If you consider that cornea and crystalline are similar to two lenses, the iris is the diaphragm with the sensor of the retina, and the game is done. Of course, some photography experts might say that it depends on the…