You say “coffee”, we say…

Some time ago we tasted a good cup of tea with Annie, and today…

it flag Versione italiana? Clicca qui

… we’ve  decided to dedicate our lines to coffee, an Italian ritual.

All this thanks to Enrico, our follower, who sent us the header pic you can see here above from China. After a train ride from Shanghai, he got to Suzhou, where he was pleasantly impressed by how similar this Unesco heritage city is to Venice, Italy. Bridges, calles and canals, where lots of people walk and peculiar boats slide. What’s better than having an Italian espresso at a coffee bar in the Venice of the East (after having also visited a Venice of the North in this article)?

Coffee-maker made,


or moka-pot made,

Italian coffee.jpg

Italians like coffee at any time of day, at any place.

Whether it is a quick espresso at a coffee bar,

Italy espresso.jpg

a cappuccino for an elegant breakfast in a hotel,


a relaxed home-made morning awakening,

Italian breakfast.JPG

a latte on the balcony,

Italian breakfast outside.jpg

a double coffee with toast and jam before rushing to work,


with our partner,

Italian breakfast for two.JPG

or with our family,

Sara Marta Mugs

we believe there’s no better way to start our day.


Sure, it might happen that we get up on the wrong side of our bed, and it might seem  that things won’t go right,

Problematic Italian breakfast

however, a piece of chocolate together with our coffee will help our day start better!


Or we like to imagine ourselves enjoying a tropical breakfast,

Tropical breakfast in Italy.JPG

or think back to our past summer holidays in California (USA), where we were sipping American filter coffee

American coffee for Italy.jpg

at a friend’s place…

American breakfast.jpg

Single or double, black or white, hot and fresh, wherever, whatever time it is… You say coffee, we say… ITALY! 😉

Italy coffee.jpeg

Special thanks to all our fol ❤ vers who have been sending us their coffee mugs: Elisa, Marco, Claudia, Chiara, Federica, Karen. Thanks also to Marta, Sara and Renzo.

Header photo credits ©Enrico

Keep enjoying your cup of coffee with us and thank you for following 😀


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