From November, 2016

L’officina delle Anime Nere: can you repair my black soul, please?

After an appetizer, we promised the first course. “Waiter, I’ll have the gondola spaghetti, please!” Today’s dish is about how and where gondolas are made. Ingredients: 350 kilograms of different types of wood, some iron, some brass, 11 meters of black polish, 250 different little parts. Work on it for 8 months, garnish with fabrics…

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There are two stories behind Palazzo Mastelli in Venice, which is also called Casa del Cammello (House of the Camel). A love story with a sad ending and a story of some dishonest men who were petrified and turned to statues. Go and see Casa del Cammello in Venice and discover the legends about the low-relief with a camel on the palazzo facade and the four statues of Arab men near Campo dei Mori

Monica Bianchetti, cinque Cartoline d’Autore per Venezia

Monica Bianchetti is an Italian writer who was born in Vicenza Italy, where she still lives. Monica has always had a special bond with Venice. In this city she listened to silent steps, to unknown women’s high-heeled duets wandering through the Venetian labyrinth. She described Venice’s fog which raises and let the mysterious city skyline…