Hey good lookin’, what you got cookin’?

Some time ago we ordered a Gondola appetizer, today with this article you are going to learn how to make tiramisu, one of the most delicious world-wide-known Italian desserts.

Why have we decided to speak about food? Well, this is a good question since we are not a cooking website, however, we have a great answer:

we are an out-of-the-ordinary website, so there can always be a surprise in store for you. Today we came up with the idea of speaking about a dessert because we, the Italians, simple love food… That’s Amore! And we think it is not a coincidence, “tiramisu” is Italian for “cheer me up” and that’s what food does to us! Our Amore for food starts at the market, where we choose fresh ingredients and exchange recipes and tips about how to cook, then we go home where we prepare everything from scratch with love, then we love finding excuses to 

tiramisu-recipestay at the table for hours to celebrate with food and drinks. We typically prepare home-made tiramisu to celebrate birthdays but we simply love eating it any time we can.

We’ve asked the traditional tiramisu recipe to an Italian grandmother and she’s recommended us to follow these simple steps to make a super-tasty dessert which can serve four sweet-toothed people (maybe even six). Just double or triple quantities if you’re celebrating with a big group.

  • italian-tiramisu-recipeMake espresso
  • Crack and make 3 eggs into two different large bowls. Make sure that none of the yolk gets mixed with the egg whites, otherwise the they won’t whisk properly
  • In one bowl use an electric mixer to whisk the egg whites until they are fluffy and firm
  • In the second bowl whisk egg yolks and sugar until thick and light yellow, then add mascarpone cheese and beat until smooth
  • Add the whisked egg whites to the egg yolks mixed with sugar and mascarpone and gently mix with a spoon in order to get a creamy mixture
  • Pour the espresso in a shallow dish and add a spoonful of rum
  • italian-tiramisu-recipe2Dip lady fingers into the coffee mix and place them in a baking dish to make a layer. Do not soak them too long otherwise they will fall apart
  • Put half of your creamy mixture over the top of the lady fingers layer
  • Make another layer of lady fingers dipped into the coffee and empty the second half of your creamy mixture over it
  • Dust with cocoa or sprinkle with dark chocolate shavings
  • Refrigerate for two hours

Serve your delicious home-made tiramisu and let the party start. Who knows, perhaps it’s someone’s birthday today, perhaps this person is even reading this post! And how can a traditional birthday celebration be better? When it can be combined with virtual “cheers” and a serving of tiramisu! You can always find a reason to eat, drink, celebrate and… read Italytiamo! Whether you actually have something to celebrate today or were simply looking for an excuse to do it, just share this post.

That’s Auguri, buon compleanno out-of the-ordinary

© italytiamo.com


Versione Italiana it flag

C’era qualcosa che bolliva in pentola…


Qualche tempo fa avevamo consigliato un antipasto di vongole gondole, oggi, nella nostra versione inglese c’è la ricetta del tiramisu’.

tiramisu-recipe“Cosa? Perché mai dovrei leggere come si fa il classico dolce italiano in un sito che parla di tutto tranne che di cucina?” Beh, noi di italytiamo immaginiamo che tu sappia già fare il tiramisu e non ci mettiamo a tradurre la ricetta… ma magari non sei mai riuscito a spiegare ai tuoi amici stranieri la procedura per prepararlo, usando la giusta terminologia. Ecco quindi che anche oggi italytiamo ti può risultare d’aiuto!

italian-tiramisu-recipe             italian-tiramisu-recipe2

Perché abbiamo deciso di parlare di cucina oggi? Be’, questa è una buona domanda ma abbiamo anche un’ottima risposta: siamo out-of-the-ordinary, fuori dall’ordinario, quindi nel nostro sito ci si può sempre aspettare una sorpresa. Infatti oggi parliamo di dolci perché per noi italiani il cibo… That’s Amore! Amore che parte dal (super)mercato, continua in cucina e rischia di non terminare mai una volta seduti a tavola, l’importante è mangiare e bere in compagnia! Magari oggi è il compleanno di qualcuno che ci sta leggendo, quindi perché non abbinare ai classici festeggiamenti una fetta di tiramisu’ e un brindisi virtuale?

C’è sempre una ragione per mangiare, bere, festeggiare e…. leggere italytiamo! Condividi questo articolo se hai un motivo per festeggiare oggi ma anche se stavi semplicemente cercando una scusa…

That’s Auguri, buon compleanno out-of the-ordinary

© italytiamo.com

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