If you miss your fast train, go with slow food

Ok, Italian trains are likely to be late. However, if it is you this time – and don’t blame yourself because Venice is a magnetic maze – make the most of your time left in the floating city. 

The easiest option is people watching from the train station steps: the whole world will be walking the runway in front of you, with their luggage, cameras and selfie-sticks. Sad faces of tourists saying goodbye to this wonderful city, amazed smiles and sighs of people getting here for the first time in their life; but also commuters from other cities nearby hurrying to work, university students, groups of friends celebrating bachelor and bachelorette parties… Of course it depends on the time of day and day of the week… But try to find out who is who or where people come from! It may be a good way to pass the time while you’re waiting for your next train.
The second option is a 3-minute walk from Venezia Santa Lucia, in some hidden little place where you will have the feeling of being lost (maybe again?) in Venice. It involves eating and drinking. If this sounds interesting, well, keep reading!
cichetoSo, climb down the station steps and make the left, keep walking along Lista de Spagna (simply follow the crowd) and then take the second narrow Calle on the left. Yes, you are going the right way! It’s true, it is so quiet it doesn’t even seem to be that close to the chaotic train station. So if you still have a doubt, Calle Della Misericordia is marked with white blocks on the pavement to indicate a hotel.

Osteria Al Cicheto (45°26’32.3″N 12°19’22.4″E)  Cicheto Wineson the right, is a typical Venetian wine bar: this is where you are heading! It serves delicious meatballs for just 1 euro, they have tuna and vegetable options as well, together with a variety of cicchetti, tasty little bread slices topped with cold cuts, cheese, anchovies and a number of other Italian delicacies. Their wine selection is also superb, with glasses starting from 3 euros. The wine list here will be handy!

Said that, hopefully you will not miss your train on purpose!

And if you had too much wine, here are the train station GPS coordinates: 45°26’28.0″N 12°19’15.8″E.

(c) copyright http://www.italytiamo.com

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