A www tag for your Venice bag – La valigia coi tacchi a spillo

Because this is an out-of-the-ordinary website, we are not going to talk about ordinary things you should pack for your Venice trip.

Ok, we can remind you the “not-to-forget list”: your ID or passport and travel documents, your camera, cell phone and chargers, probably a power bank, don’t forget your toothbrush, a pair of comfortable shoes… Then, 10 euros in your pocket should be fine for a Venice trip, if you follow italytiamo.com cheap tips. A credit card may be useful too, though! Flip flops, swimsuit, beach towel and sunscreen to have fun in the nearest beaches, like Jesolo or Venice Lido if you are planning a trip in the spring or summer. Take a waterproof jacket with you if you are

pushing-wheels visiting in the autumn or winter instead.

There is one thing that you really don’t need in Venice though. Have you ever been anywhere without wheels? Where there are no cars, bikes, trucks, scooters? Not even skates or skateboards? Well, so why should your luggage have wheels? Forget about your trolley for your Venice stay, leave it at home! And use a backpack or a carryall bag instead. This will help you to walk around Venice, cross its 400 and more bridges and climb their steps to reach your hotel, B&B or whatever you are looking for… like the railway station… Should you miss your train because of human traffic caused by tourists who have to lift their wheeled-suitcase and slow down before all the bridges… Don’t worry, we have an article for you!

Carrying a backpack or a bag is especially great at winter time or when it rains. Your phone with GPS in one hand, your umbrella in the other, you need both hands free… Then think of when you will be walking alone in the fog, or maybe late at night, where no noisy tourists are around… You could simply listen to the sound of your steps without the annoying noise of the trolley wheels on the tiles.

Have you ever searched for a website without the three WWWs, e.g. just italytiamo.com?

Well, from today to your next trip to Venice, search us by typing only italytiamo.com and start living in a World Without Wheels!

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