I lose myself, I look for myself and I find myself: Venetian self-portrait of Nina Rangoy Photographer

It was August 2016 when Nina Rangoy went to Venice for one of her successful photography workshops.

In crowded Venice, with its hot summer, bustling canals with boats full of foreigners, she was able to isolate herself and sign her photos with bits of her personality. If you look at her pictures, you can find her in the silence of Venice’s beauty.

NinaRangoyVenice photo

It easy to lose the way in Venice, however in her pictures you can read the story of a romantic woman walking alone, looking for something, or leaving some signs to someone who is looking for her. She becomes a solitary pink sunset through a man’s head, a seagull flying in crowded St. Mark’s Square, she dresses Canal Grande with gold.

Try to find Nina in the shades and colors of Venice, see through her eyes, detect her soul, watch the English and Norwegian flags flying in her photos. Nina, a photographer full of passions and ambitions, has had a number of adventurous experiences throughout her career, her photo albums feature famous people and well-known facts and events. Therefore we are honored to see how Venice looks even more beautiful through her pictures which make italytiamo.com shine.

Nina, what color are you?
Citrus Green: The green Murano glass ring I bought three years ago is never off my fingers.
A small regret you have?
I try not to dwell on things I “would’ve and should’ve” and rather focus forward.
Do you have any big dreams?
To take spectacular portraits of people that make them fall in love with themselves.

Nina Rangoy and Bono

Venice 2016, Venetian Serenade

We would like to thank Nina with these two photos from her website: a serenade of Bono and U2 to her (1993) and the same romantic gesture of a gondolier she recently photographed in Venice. As we see it, it is like Bono, while holding the photographer’s hand, is singing her a Venetian serenade.

(c) copyright http://www.italytiamo.com

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