Il tappeto rosso dei mattoni, the red carpet of bricks

Keeping your eyes up to look at Venetian palaces is just ordinarily amazing. Have you ever tried to look down, though? If you want to be unconventional, you can either follow the standard tourist routes and try to see things from a different perspective, or avoid crowded places not to miss one of the most lonely spots in Venice that still retains its authentic beauty.

Campo dell’Abazia (45°26’37.6″N 12°20’07.3″E), where the old school overlooks the church of the Abbey of Misericordia (Chiesa Santa Maria della Misericordia) is definitely off the beaten tracks. Here you can step on the old fishbone-shaped paving made with red bricks, which apparently was the color of Venice’s old paving before grey bricks started to be used.

Chiesa Santa Maria della Misericordia

It is believed that fishbone-shaped paving of red bricks was also in Piazza San Marco. To support this theory, iconographic historians indicate the canvas “Procession in St. Mark’s Square by Gentile Bellini (1496). Since it is housed in Gallerie dell’Accademia, go and have a look if you prefer Piazza San Marco with grey or red bricks!

Don’t miss your out-of-the-ordinary picture and feel like a movie star by walking on the oldest “red carpet of bricks” in Venice before the Venice Film Festival starts.


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