Today’s hidden gem – Fiori di bottiglia

One of the best peculiarities about Venice is the great number of opportunities this maze-like city gives you to get lost. It is exactly when you have no idea of where you are, where that narrow calle you are walking along is not even marked on your map, when your GPS loses its signal that you can discover the magic.

Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista
Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista

This is how we found Luciano Buggio’s small shop, as we walked past Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista and made the left.

If you make it there (and 45°26’18.6″N 12°19’35.0″E might help) you will probably notice the bunches of flowers made of recycled plastic bottles he displays outside his shop window.

Luciano Buggio

“What is this place all about?” you will ask yourself. Dusty second-hand books on wooden shelves, unusual objects, VCRs, CDs, frames of plastic bottle caps, mosaics made of typographic bits, metal toy soldiers, Pinocchios, little cars and what else? As you enter the tiny shop you’ll be amazed at how every corner is full of history, art and beauty, you’ll realize how surprising it is to see that ordinary furniture and familiar objects have turned into something new and exceptional. You’ll have the feeling of being in a museum, where you don’t want to touch anything, as if you leave your fingerprints on one of those dusty surfaces you might spoil the perfect mess of that 3-square-meter room.

Luciano is a friendly 60-something-year-old creative restorer who spends his days recycling – literally – anything. He gives things a second-life possibility, he sees potential in everything old, which most people would get rid of. Isn’t all this amazing?

Buggio Buggio2

To tell the truth, what he sells the best are those second-hand books he stores here and there, although local authorities would like him to remove the bookshelves outside the door. What he is mainly proud of, though, is the other side of his business card: he is a physician with whom you could spend the whole day discussing about stars, planets, mathematics and physics. 

Or, you could read about his theories here, say goodbye and continue your out-of-the-ordinary tour by following the magenta arrow.

Hot-pink arrow
Follow the magenta arrow

PS. look at Luciano’s shop carefully, where is he hiding business card?

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