Tour of the day – I tuoi passi tra un “Milione” – Marco Polo’s birth place

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If you are a frequent traveler, a visit to one of the greatest travelers’ birth place must be included in your what-to-see-in-Venice list.

Have you ever heard of Marco Polo? You’ll sure have! Well, although Piazza San Marco was not named after this Marco, Venice International Airport is. Marco Polo is also depicted on old mille lire bills.

mille lire
Old Mille Lire Italian bills

There must be a reason why this guy became so popular, right? Marco Polo was one of the first Europeans who traveled to Asia along the Silk Road during the Middle Ages. Born in Venice in 1254, he died on January 8th 1324 in Venice (aged 69–70). His resting place is Chiesa di San Lorenzo although his remains were lost during the years.

His adventures told on the book “Il Milione”, best known as “The travels of Marco Polo”, inspired not only mapmakers but also a lot of other travelers and explorers, including Cristopher Columbus, who later discovered America.

In his adventurous three-or-four-year-long journey, Marco Polo crossed a number of countries, such as the Persian Empire (today’s Iran), Afghanistan, Armenia, Mongolia India and China. Can you imagine how many experiences, risks, discoveries, surprises and obstacles through the seas, mountains and deserts, that far away from his birthplace? It must have been the adventure of a lifetime!

You might not experience what he did in his travels, however you might immerse yourself in the atmosphere, sounds and smells of where he used to live.marco poloSotoportego del milion


Sotoportego del Milion (45°26’19.5″N 12°20’17.9″Eis exactly where he set off for his journey to Asia from and where he came back to 17 years later.

Let silence surround you while you look at houses, windows, bridges, canals, gondolas around you… let your emotions and thoughts flow… Then take your notebook out of your pocket and head to Ostaria Da Simson not far from Marco Polo’s sotoportego and libreria Acqua Alta.

ostaria da simson

It is a small local restaurant where to have a delicious meal ending with a homemade cake slice, or where to sip a glass of wine with some cicchetti.


We always have a notebook where to draw or pencil our ideas and thoughts with us, and that’s exactly where we wrote these lines for you to read. So, if you enjoyed this article do the same and write down your travel emotions from this ideal spot.

carta marmorina
Leather notebook with Amalfi paper and cover in marble-like Turkish paper

Marco Polo’s birth place definitely needs to be penciled in your Venice itinerary.

Now enjoy our video suggestion and set your GPS to 45°26’19.5″N 12°20’17.9″E or feel free to contact us!


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