Tip of the day – Gelato a Venezia for a hot summer day

How could a summer day in Venice be better?

Eating one of the best ice-creams the city has to offer, of course!

Italian gelato
Italian gelato

Gelateria da Nico is not only in one of Venice’s most evocative locations, it has also a very long gelato tradition, dating back to 1935.

Strolling along Zattere promenade, which faces Canale della Giudecca, from Squero (where gondolas are made) to Salute Church is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon in Venice. We might say at sunset it is something unique. However, to make it simply perfect, especially in these hot summer days, we suggest you stop for a gelato at Gelateria da Nico. This gelateria is mainly famous for its gianduiotto: a soft bar of hazelnut-chocolate, served with whipped cream. Needless to say, its ice-cream is delicious too. Take a two-scoop cone to-go for only €2.80 and keep walking, or have your fancy gelato in a glass cup at a table, on the terrace where allegedly famous people such as Peggy Guggenheim and Angelina Jolie also sat.

Sit back, relax and feel like a star yourself, while having your delicious gelato in such a wonderful setting!

Some useful words?

una pallina di nocciola in coppetta – a scoop of hazelnut in a cup

due palline in cono, stracciatella e cioccolato – two scoops in a cone, stracciatella and chocolate

un gianduiotto con panna – a gianduiotto with whipped cream

Ready? Now set your GPS to 45°25’46.5″N 12°19’34.1″E or contact us if you feel like having your gelato with the locals from Italytiamo.com!


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