Tip of the day – Portami a Venezia – How to reach our enchanting city

Dear Guest,

Before suggesting you something special for your next tour in marvelous Venice we’d like to write something about how to reach our enchanting city, since our website has visitors from the USA, China, Russia and of course from Europe and Italy…

Although Venice was built on the water there are different ways to reach San Marco Square, even via land!

By Car.
Well it seems strange.. but it is very easy to follow the street signs to Venice and after driving past the “Bridge of Freedom” (Ponte della Liberta’) you will arrive to Piazzale Roma where you can park your car in one of the many parking lots. The cost is between 15 to 24 € per day.
Just cross Piazzale Roma and you’ll be right where all the bridges and canals of Venice are. Just easy and fast as that! Maybe a little expensive if you have planned to stay in Venice for more than one day.

Another way is to reach Venice is from PuntaSabbioni  by car and then take the water bus to Venice. It’s cool and a sort of adventurous trip! You will arrive in front of San Marco Square like Venetian merchants used to do.

By train

The train is the most popular and cheapest way to reach Venice. There is only one railway station, called Venezia Santa Lucia, there is no way to make mistakes, because it is the last stop of all trains after Venezia Mestre. From Venezia Mestre Railway station to Venice railway station there are a lot of connections, buses or trains, and they all cost approximately 1.50 euros. You can choose also to park your car in Mestre and then take the train or bus to Venice.

By Airplane

The main international airport in Venice is Marco Polo, with inbound and outbound flights from all over the world every day. Other airports close to Venice are Treviso,  Verona, and Trieste.
If you want to see Venice from the plane window while landing, choose your seat on the right-hand side of the aircraft at check-in. Only with strong winds on the ground will the plane land in the opposite direction and Venice will be seen from the left window.

From Marco Polo Airport to Venice, there are 4 kinds of connections: by bus (1.50 euros if you use public buses, they are orange and the bus company name is ACTV or 8 euros by shuttle bus), by taxi (approx. 40 euros), by water taxi (amazing way but quite pricey). All options will take you about 30min.

From Treviso airport, where low-cost airline companies like Wizz-Air and RyanAir fly to and from, there is a “ATVO” shuttle bus taking you to Piazzale Roma for about €12.

By Boat-Cruise Ship

Well, by boat is the oldest and most romantic way to reach Venice. The water taxi – as just said – is one option, a ship to Stazione Marittima-Tronchetto-San Basilio is the second. There are a lot of cruises from the South of Italy, Greece and other Mediteranean Countries.

By Local Boats – WaterBus, water taxi and Gondola

If you are a little lazy or just tired of walking and climbing bridges in Venice, use the water bus! It’s our public transportation and it’s popular with locals for being as cheap as a regular bus, however, if you don’t have a Venice card (more tips coming soon) a single ticket will be €7.50. If you are in a hurry, the water taxi may be expensive but definitely worth it!

Another cool and romantic way to get around Venice is to cross the canals by Gondola. In our next article, we will tell you how to try this fantastic experience for just €2.

Take care!!

If you have just arrived to Italy, need information, and you are trying the best with your Italian… Well, don’t panic! We do speak fast and we use our hands a lot, but on the “other hand” you will find it pleasant to listen to the sounds of the Italian language and fall in love with its musical and romantic words.

Here below some useful words that you may want to learn

Biglietto: Ticket

Vaporetto: Waterbus

Pullman: Bus

Destra: Right

Sinistra: Left

Bagaglio: luggage

Fermata: Bus Stop

Any option you choose, before your next trip to Venice please get in touch with us: we will be happy to give you the most appropriate instructions for your stay in Venice, according to your needs.

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