Tour of the Day – Libreria Acqua Alta, il profumo dei libri.

Dear Guest,

Do you remember our article where we talked about a boat selling fruit and vegetables?

Today we would like to reveal you another of Venice’s wonders: a gondola filled with… books. How Venice can secrete so many unusual locations might still surprise you, but we, the locals, are here to help you discover all of the city’s hidden gems.

Calle Longa Santa Maria Formosa is where to head if you want to marvel at one of the most unusual bookstores in the world. Libreria Acqua Alta is a mysterious and magical place where to find new and second-hand books about Venice, its culture and traditions, the cinema, photography, arts, there is even a comic section and much more for you to find out. Old postcards and photos, paddles, ship’s wheels, antiques and the owner’s cats wandering around make Libreria Acqua Alta even more special.

foto da libreria Acqua Alta

What is extraordinary about this small business is where books are displayed: in a gondola, in bath tubs, barrels or kayaks, on wooden shelves, here and there. These unusual containers – if we can call them so – have been chosen on purpose, to save books from the “hide tide” phenomenon. Indeed, “Acqua Alta” means “hide tide” in Italian. As you enter this place you will see how books integrate with the furniture, they have even become walls and steps: climb the staircase made of old encyclopedia books and enjoy the breathtaking view of the canal. The owner admits that both locals and tourists enjoy the staircase even more than the view itself! How is it possible?

Libreria Acqua Alta
Libreria Acqua Alta

This bookstore’s untidiness makes it unique, it’s the messy kind of place where anything can be found, so forget about your e-reader for a minute, go there, flip through books, smell their age, find out your favorite corner, marvel.

Libreria Acqua Alta definitely needs to be penciled in your Venice itinerary.

Now set your GPS to 45°26’17.3″N 12°20’32.2″E or feel free to contact us!


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