Tour of the Day – La Barca, a floating fruit and vegetable store in Venice

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Venice is special, no wonder. More than a hundred islands, connected by approximately 400 bridges. There are no cars or bikes, people either walk or use the waterbus to get around the city.

Taxis, police, ambulance, even the firemen are on a boat.

This sounds just ordinary to locals, to the extent that when they need to buy fruit and vegetables they love heading to a floating fruit store. “Where?” an unaware tourist may ask. Well, yes, right between Campo Santa Margherita and San Barnaba, by Ponte dei Pugni, a colorful boat permanently anchored to the dock sells fresh fruit and vegetables. Of course, such an out-of-the ordinary market stall attracts passers-by and is one of the most photographed iconic locations.

Steven Spielberg knew it well, and for his 1989 “Indiana Jones and the last crusade” film he decided to have Harrison Ford and Alison Doody passing by this special boat. Now the Indiana Jones-saga fans who visit Venice like to record themselves in the same film locations, here are some examples from YouTube:

Campo San Barnaba in Venezia 12.Juli 2012 – Indiana Jones and the last crusade 1989

On the business since 1948, after 63 years run by a family from Chioggia, La Barca has had a new management since 2011. The three hard-working young owners, from the Venice area, have also employed their children and family members. There are days when seven of them need to work in order to serve all the local and foreigner customers buying not only fruit and vegetables but also local fresh cheeses and cold-cuts, pasta, wine and olive-oil. They are all kind, helpful and always smiling, service is fast and products are excellent.



La barca, floating vegetable store in venice2So, whether you want to take an unusual photo, follow Indiana Jones’s steps, buy some fruit for the day or some typical Italian delicacies or just try a truly authentic Venetian experience…

la barca venice fruit and vegetable store on a boatLa barca, floating vegetable store in venice3

La Barca definitely needs to be penciled in your Venice itinerary.

Now set your GPS to 45°25’59.2″N 12°19’28.0″E or feel free to contact us!



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